The 7 Best Web Design Trends of 2017

The 7 Best Web Design Trends of 2017

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When creating the perfect website design, there are limitless options to choose from. From choosing colours to placing the main menu, there are plenty of ways you can use to make a website truly unique.

The truth is, web design is more important than you may believe. One study shows that 38% of people won’t continue engaging with a website if they consider the layout unattractive.

New web design trends are gaining traction that will help you make your site attractive.

While some web design trends are purely aesthetic, others change the functionality of your site. New developments in technology have also led to new trends and can help your customers interact with your business in new ways.

Below, we’ll show you the 7 best web design trends of 2017, allowing you to get some great ideas on how to improve your site.

1. Animations

While animated gifs have been a part of web design for a long time now, it is likely that animations will become a larger part of web design during 2017.

CSS and SVG creations are becoming more integrated into websites. This technology may lead to some unique designs in the future as web designers begin to use these tools in innovative ways.

Animations can be a great way to explain concepts, show how something works, or attract attention. Keep your eye on animations as these may lead to some great things during 2017.

Keep your eye on animations as these may lead to some innovative and attractive design elements in the near future.

2. Big, Bold Typography

Website designers are beginning to turn more towards big and bold letters on web pages. These large design elements can do a great job at expressing a strong statement to visitors.

Statements and messages that are extremely to the point will dominate this typography. These statements will work together with minimalistic designs to create a sense of interest and build urgency.

A landing page doesn’t necessarily need to be packed with as many words as possible to make an impact. Bold type with a direct message can be all that is needed to make a user take an action or understand the worth of a business’ services.

3. Content-Focused Web Design Trends

In the past, many websites were dominated by an excessive amount of fancy sidebars, widgets, pop-ups, and signup boxes.

Web developers and business owners are beginning to recognise that one often overlooked element – content – is actually the most important.

Moving towards the future, it will be important for content to become more and more prevalent in a website’s design. Developing a site that puts content front and centre is one of the most important web design trends that will be crucial in 2017.

A design that has an emphasis on content will do much better to earn and retain customers in the future months and years.

4. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Working as a great way to draw attention and provide variety, geometric shapes are becoming even more common in website design. Designers are making better use of space by creating unique designs and shapes.

These are used to add personality to a site which may otherwise be drab. Unique shapes are an excellent way to add a bit of interest and variety to a site that needs a little extra excitement.

Geometric shapes, lines, and patterns have made their way to websites in various ways. These patterns appear as shapes around images, geometry-based graphic design, and even overall site designs

5. Illustrations

Similar to the stylish geometric shapes finding their way into website designs, illustrations are also becoming more common. Illustrations help to add some personality to an otherwise uninspired and bland layout.

Many companies are utilising graphic designers and artists to create interesting artwork elements to add to their sites such as logos, fonts, icons, and buttons.

Many websites are even making use of completely hand-drawn illustrations. Hand-drawn elements really set the design of a website apart.

These elements allow a company to create a completely unique look on their website that any competitors will find hard to match.

6. Duotone Gradient

Duotone colour schemes are also becoming more popular. The use of just two tones makes for a stylish, slick, and contemporary design that demands attention.

Making use of some duotone design elements, graphics, and layouts are a great way to update your website’s flat design. It’s a great way to move past the simple solid colours of the past and become better to look at.

Recent advances in technology have made duotone and tritone graphics easy and simple to create. In 2017, many websites will continue to adopt these modern colour schemes.

7. Increased Interactivity

While some amount of interactivity has always been a part of web design, developers are beginning to add in even more interactive elements to websites.

These interactive elements come in both small and big packages and can be as simple as hovering over an image to reveal more information, scrolling effects, or click animations.

Increased interactivity can also come together in the form of user-generated content (UGC). This interaction may also come through the use of “chatbots” with enhanced artificial intelligence.

Websites are becoming more and more geared towards engaging the visitor, and interactive elements, both big and small, are an excellent way of doing this.


While you probably won’t use all of the web design trends listed above, using one or two of them can really make your site shine and help it become a stylish example of 2017 sophistication.

Use some of the above design options to really make your site stand out from the crowd. An attractive design may encourage visitors to stay on your site longer and increase the likelihood that they will become a loyal customer.

It’s amazing what you can do when you really put in the effort to make your website stand out. An effective website design can have a surprising impact on your overall business strategy.

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