Why is WordPress so popular

Why is WordPress so popular?

This is a question that comes up regularly and 80% of our new web hosting orders include a request to have it installed. WordPress was written as blogging software but has improved steadily over the years until now it is really a Content Management System ( CMS )

Most web hosts now allow a 1 click install of the software ( including us ) and it is very simple to get up and running. So here are some of the reasons:

WordPress is Free

The WordPress Software is written in a PHP free script and licensed from GNU

WordPress is Feature Rich

People have different requirements and everyone wishes to publish a website with a unique identity. There are several thousand apps available within the WordPress Plugin library to give your website extra functionality. You will find everything from calendars to shopping carts there, and most are free.


The look and feel of a WordPress site is managed by the theme. Again there are thousands of free themes available and commercial themes are not expensive. Changing the way your site looks is now a snip

WordPress Work’s with every device

Whether you have a Windows PC or Linux or MacBook; WordPress is available for every operating system.

So why not let us register a domain for you with WordPress installed ready for you for less than £1.00 a week.