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Web design Gloucester

Imagine a website that is easy to use & converts visitors into customers.

Web design at the cutting-edge makes your website stand out and will grab people’s attention. Our designers and digital marketing specialists will spend time to understand your target market, to ensure your website performs from day one.

Our website design and development team at Gloucester create winning designs that give you an advantage over many competitors. In the modern day, many find this hard to even imagine, let alone achieve!


not only looks great but performs too.

As digital marketing specialists, we aim to do more than just meet your brief.

SoftData are not just a hosting company; we also work as digital marketing specialists in Gloucester and pride ourselves on our complete digital offerings.

Once your website is live, SoftData will continue to work with you, seeing you as a partner, rather than just a ‘customer’. We make sure that we work closely with you from the initial meeting to actively helping you run your website once it is live.

We want to work with you for the common goal of turning your website visitors into customers!


ready for a modern world.

“More than half of Google’s searches are now coming from mobile. If you haven’t made your site mobile-friendly, you’re ignoring a lot of potential users.”

John Mueller, Google +

Responsive web design

responsive websites

The world will be accessing your website through various devices and thousands of screens.

No one wants the frustration of trying to navigate their way around a site that might look great on one screen, but not on another. Our websites dynamically adjust to the users screen, thus providing a seamless user experience.

Frustration doesn’t keep visitors looking at your site, it sends them away!


website development

Our team at SoftData uses a variety of Content Management Systems to meet user’s individual requirements.

When working on more complex projects, we have the experience to create bespoke solutions. We specialise in CodeIgniter, a lightweight open source web application ‘PHP’ framework, enabling us to quickly develop web applications.

This gives us the chance to show-off of our abilities.

Retina web design

retina websites

Serving graphics at twice the resolution and pixel density means that on Retina displays and Retina HD displays your website can look amazing.

The trouble is, a large proportion of websites are built for normal displays, therefore not only will you not be taking advantage of Retina and Retina HD displays, but the visitors to your website won’t be either.

Our web design team here at Gloucester make sure visitors to your website see high-quality and well-defined design that makes browsing your site a joy, not a chore for the eyes!

Made for touch devices

responsive web design gloucester

In today’s ever changing and evolving world, websites are expected to be more than just platforms for graphics and images.

Not only do pages of a website have to be responsive, but they are now also expected to have features similar to that of an app.

Navigation, zoom and swipe control are just a few examples of features that your website needs to be able to react to on touch devices.

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There have been a number of situations where due to self inflicted problems I have had to contact Eddie at Softdata. Each and everytime they have pulled out the stops and helped me solve the problem I faced. Good value and fast responsive service!!
Gareth Milner

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