Avoiding Design Mistakes with Website Design Agency in Gloucester

Avoiding Design Mistakes with Website Design Agency in Gloucester

Is there anything more important to a small business than a website?

These days, your website serves the same function as a business card. It’ll let people know about you and your skill-set.

If you’re looking to really make a splash on the web, you’ll have to know what to avoid, and how to avoid it.

Here are some of the biggest missteps to avoid with website design Gloucester.

Poor Functionality

Obviously, you want your website to be functional. But what does functionality actually look like in tangible terms?

Your user needs to be able to browse your website with ease, skimming between pages quickly without giving it a second thought.

Speed is the biggest factor here, as most people tend to give up on a website within 2 seconds.

Second, your website needs to be laid out in a way that makes sense. Think about some of the websites you browse on a daily basis. Chances are, you’ve never even considered how they’re laid out.

This is intentional, and it’s a sign of great web design. Proper functionality means that the user can browse your site almost subconsciously.

Can you say the same about your website right now? If not, it may be time for a design overhaul.

A Lack of Planning

Failing to plan means planning to fail. Perhaps you remember that phrase from your school days.

It rings especially true for website design, so make sure you’ve got a plan before you build. You wouldn’t expect a construction worker to build a house without blueprints. So why is web design any different?

Before any coding or design begins, you’ll need to have a sitemap in place so you’ll know the basic layout.

If you’ve browsed a site with pages that feel mismatched, it likely wasn’t designed with a sitemap.

Avoid any potential design mistakes by using website design Gloucester. We’ll make sure that your site is designed logically and in a manner that’s easy to browse.

No Contact Information on the Homepage

You’re using your website to drum up some potential business, so make sure people can get a hold of you.

Be sure that your homepage features your contact information in large print. Basic web design indicates our eyes gravitate toward the top-left of the screen first.

Try and place your contact information in a similar location, near your menus. It should be the first thing your audience sees in a crisp, clean font.

You’ll also want to make sure that social buttons are placed throughout your site. That way, people can reach out to your business via social media.

Social media is a great way to get some easy and free word of mouth, so make sure your sites are connected. This is especially important if your primary sales are online.

Too Many or Too Few Images

We’re an increasingly visual-oriented society, but there is such a thing as overstimulation. Be sure that your homepage is designed in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your customers.

After all, it’s the first thing they’ll see, so be sure you’re not scaring them off with too many photos or blocks of text.

Having too many photos on your homepage can give it a cluttered appearance. Likewise, large, bulky text tends to get skipped by audiences.

Use simple and concise language and only photos that make sense. This includes pictures of your business, as well as a few items or services you sell.

With website design Gloucester, we prioritise clean, efficient web design. We know how important your website is, so we’ll make sure it looks great and reads professionally.

Poor Colour Choices

The wrong colour scheme can send a bad message to your audience. If it’s too vibrant and loud, your website will lack the professional sheen it deserves.

What would you think if you visited a website that was designed with, say, a bright orange colour scheme? You’d likely find yourself pretty confused, right?

But the opposite rings true, as well. If your website is too bland, like only using black and white, you’re still sending the wrong message.

Try and mix it up by coming up with a colour scheme that makes sense. A good rule of thumb is to use a colour scheme like your logo so your business has a cohesive look.

Lack of SEO Understanding

You may have the best website in the world, but if you have a poor comprehension of SEO, no one will see it.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of tailoring content in such a way that search engines prioritise your website.

Even if you haven’t heard of it before, you need to know that SEO can make or break an online business or blog.

Ideally, the content hosted on your site would be tailored in such a way that you’d show up on the front page of Google. This way, you’ll appear at the top of the search engine without having to shell out a lot of money.

You can have pages and pages of content, but what’s important at the end of the day is that it brings in traffic.

Use analytics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SEO content, or get the professionals to help.

No Mobile Design

Recent studies suggest that most web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Accordingly, you’ll want to make sure that your mobile site is up to snuff.

If you’re using website design Gloucester, your website is hosted on WordPress.

WordPress optimises your site for mobile, so if you’re using our services, you’re in the clear!

But if you’re not, you may fall victim to Mobilegeddon.

Implemented in 2005, Mobilegeddon spelt doom for websites who neglected a mobile design. If your website was well-optimized, you’d get a small boost.

Wouldn’t a boost be beneficial to your site? Make sure to use website design Gloucester to ensure you’re getting the right traffic.

Why Website Design Gloucester Is Right for Your Business

As you can see, building a well-designed, functional website takes a lot of work.

Why leave it up to chance? Let us help you! We offer a variety of services, from SEO specialisation and social media marketing to web design. Let us take care of all your website’s needs.

Get in touch today for a quote and see how we can transform your site!

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